November 16, 2017

As you look down from the plane, Bogotá, the bustling metrópolis, gleams under the early morning sun.

Once the capital of the Muisca Empire, Bogotá, is today, a global city where visitors can enjoy walking through Old Town Candelaria, with its whitewashed colonial architecture, and baroque churches, going up by cable car to Monserrate Hill, taking a ride in a bi-articulated Transmilenio bus, or riding a bycicle in the most extensive bike path in Latin America.

The city has over 100 museums and art galleries, parks, and recreational sites, And in its restaurants, bistrós, cafés and craft breweries, you can taste a delicious ajiaco, the typical dish of Bogotá, which is a hearty soup with shredded chicken, potatoes, capers, guascas, a spice herb, and corn-on- the-cob; the traditional tinto a 1ounce cup of black coffee, or a refajo, a blend of beer and a soft drink.

Whether you decide to listen to a concert, see a play in one of its many theaters, like the Teatro Colón, spend an afternoon in Parque de la 93, a well-known park with top restaurants and night life, or at Usaquén park, you will find a tourist-friendly and hospitable milieu.

After all, you will find tourself 2.600 mts closer to the stars, as the motto of Bogotá claims, and in a city that envelops you with a sense of timelessness.

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