BRAAVOS CONCIERGE is in agreement with Law 1336 of 2009, which forbids commercial sexual exploitation of minors and teenagers. Child Pornography is punishable by law. #EYES EVERYWHERE Please call 01 8000 112 440, dial 106.

BRAAVOS CONCIERGE supports activities and services pointed at the Preservation and Responsible use of environmental and socio-cultural resources, its terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the beliefs and values of ethnical communities and their habitat.

We promote recycling, proper waste disposal, non-plastic usage and minimizing a negative impact in the areas visited. Sustainable Tourism Regulation  NTS-TS 001-1.

BRAAVOS CONCIERGE fosters a code of conduct for the protection of Artisans and their Handicrafts. It includes engaging locals as guides, carriers and porters, including the Indigenous and Afro-American cultural heritage activities, in tourist programs. We promote the purchase of goods made and services provided by the local artisanal communities. Law 36 of 1984.


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