• Guatavita (1)

Once the religious capital of the Muisca Indian Empire , Guatavita had a gold offering ceremony held in the sacred and ceremonial Guatavita lake high up in the mountains, that gave way to the Legend of “ElDorado” . When the Cacique, (tribal chief), took power , he was covered in gold dust and on  the raft ceremonial went to the middle of the lake, where he took a plunge in the lake along with offerings of gold and emeralds, to assure bountiful harvests.

Modern-day Guatavita was founded in 1964 when the old town was flooded to give way to the Tominè Reservoir, which is used today for water sports.

This colonial style town , offers a relaxing one day trip from Bogotá . Take delight in its beautiful architecture with its white-washed facades, and red-clay tile roofs ,  bullfighting arena , and high steeple church . Enjoy typical dishes, and visit the clay and wool handicraft workshops.


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