• Medellin

Located in the narrow ”Valle de Aburrá” , an elongated valley among majestic mountains full of exuberant flora. Its pleasant all year round temperate climate , has given the city its nickname as  “The Land of Eternal Spring”.

From its foundation , traders and entrepreneurs have given Medellín its notorious industrial and commercial dynamism . Products such as gold and coffee , were a driving force  that took them to settle many new towns and create businesses and companies , making Medellín one of the most important business and industrial clusters, – specially in the fashion and textile areas – in Colombia .

The city is caracterized by fine examples of Republican architecture as for example the Municipal Palace , housing today the “ Museo de Antioquia” , the Medellín Antioquia Railway Station, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.  Over the last decades , the city has won International Architecture Awards for superb designs such as the EPM Public Library Building , the Coltejer Building,  the  ” Biblioteca España ”  – Spain Library Building , and the Orchiderium, among many others.

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize was awarded to Medellín in 2016. This award acknowledges innovative efforts in urban solutions and sustainable  development. Its recent advances in politics , education and social development have led Medellín to be nominated twice as one of the most innovative cities in the world.

And an important unmissable event is the Flowers Festival in August, which exalts the richness of the flora of the paisa region, that exports its beautiful flowers world-wide.


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