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This old colonial river-side town,   declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, was a port for the transportation of goods upriver, and had a Royal Spanish Mint located in it.

Mompox,  “The land of Cacique Mampo”, founded in 1537, is famous for its goldsmithing, and the gold and silver filigree craftmanship. Likewise , it is very well-known for its “momposino cheese” , which is an artisanal unraveled layer cheese ; and also famous for its unique palm hand fans woven  momposino style , very appreciated by high couture designers .

A stroll through its stone paved streets lets you admire the blend of colonial and baroque architecture of its many beautiful public buildings and churches. Fine examples are found in San Juan de Dios Hospital, the oldest hospital in America which is still operating ; Santa Bárbara Church, with its unique octogonal bell tower and frescos ; its  19th Cemetery ,  and its wonderful arcaded Marketplace.

Having the Magdalena river flowing along the town, gives the visitor the possibility of seeing monkeys and iguanas by taking a boat ride in Pijiño swamp ; and for bird lovers , watching many species of tropical birds, such as herons and macaws.

Mompox is a special place to experience and take part in religious traditions ,specially  in Holy Week , which is a major event.  For jazz lovers , very important and not to be missed,  is the International Jazz Festival held between September and October each  year.


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