Villa De Leyva

  • Vertical view of church and fountain in the main plaza in Villa de Leyva, Colombia
  • Street in Villa de Leyva

Arriving to Villa de Leyva, is stepping back in history, with its sixteenth century colonial architecture of walls painted white with red tile roofs and stony streets.

In Villa de Leyva , tourists can visit the Muisca Indian Astronomical Observatory, known as “El Infiernito” ( Little Hell), the  “Museo El Fósil“, a dinosaur museum with marine fossils, such as the Kronosaurus Boyacensis ( 112 mya),  in situ as discovered; and the sacred Iguaque Lake, where according to Muisca Cosmology, mankind originated.

Several festivals take place in this culture-rich town ……the Villa de Leyva Jazz Festival in July, the International Kite- flying Festival in August, and the Festival of Lights on December 7th.

If you are a sports lover, you can practice rappel at “La Periquera”, a majestic 30 mt. high waterfall, canyoneering, trekking, rock climbing, canopy and caving. Ride quad- bikes in the desert and take ecological treks.


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