• Documents

    You’ll need a Passport (with at least six or more months validity) and some nationalities will need a visa. Make sure it has enough blank pages.

  • Safety

    Our circuits present no safety risk. However, we kindly suggest to not let your guard down, same as you would in any other country when visiting. Be sure you take careful note of the instructions given by your local guide and let him know your whereabouts at all times.

  • Language

    The official language is Spanish. English is spoken in San Andres & Providence Islands.

  • Electricity

    Electricity in Colombia is 110V.

  • Currency

    The official currency is the Colombian peso ($COP). Airports will change US dollars, Euros. Credit cards are accepted in all major shops, hotels and restaurants; however,  overseas visitors will probably be asked to provide some kind of ID (such as a photocopy of their passport) to allow a credit card transaction to go through.

  • What to wear

    Colombia requires light clothing and sandals from warm to hot weather. However, Bogotá and other places of high altitude get cold at night and even in the shade of the day. You’ll definitely need a warm sweater and trousers; preferably a jacket.

  • Always buy travel insurance

    A medical emergency can wipe out your savings or even worse. Ideally, all travelers should count with a travel insurance policy.

  • Emergency Phones

    General Information: 113
    Colombian  Police: 112
    Emergencies: 123
    Red Cross: www.cruzrojacolombiana.org
    Citizen Attention (Migración Colombia): (57-1) 605 -5454